Welcome MCCC Participants

Welcome Microsoft Certified Career Conference attendees! Thank you for attending my MCCC sessions “Resume Writing with Word 2010” and/or “Top 10 New Features of PowerPoint 2010.” If you missed one of the sessions, don’t forget that they will be available for download through the MCCC site on Monday.

If you attended my Resume Writing Session and would like the link to the “infographic resume” I shared with you guys, here it is: http://forrst-production.s3.amazonaws.com/posts/snaps/57782/original.png?1296924317

If you attended my “Top Ten of PowerPoint 2010” session, here are the files (the wmv and ppt file) that I promised you for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

I certainly had a lot of fun presenting, and I hope you enjoyed the sessions as well. Don’t forget to visit Train Signal’s website, or Fan us on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you again.