MCT Summit North America 2011

This year I am helping to organize this year’s MCT Summit Oct 19-21 in San Francisco.

The MCT Summit (MCT standing for Microsoft Certified Trainer) is an opportunity for MCTs around the nation to meet, learn about new technologies, and grow as instructors and presenters through many professional development presentations and classes.

But perhaps the most excited part of the summit for me is the preconference 1.5 day Train-the-Trainer bootcamp. I’ve been an Office trainer for many years now, teaching thousands of students from all different backgrounds, but I’ve never before pursued the MCT credential (the MCT was only recently opened up to Office trainers). One reason for this is that approved Train-the-Trainer classes (which fulfills one of the requirements for becoming an MCT) are hard to come by nowadays. So, a colleague of mine (Bill Kulterman) and I will be attending the preconference TTT to become MCTs.

If you’d like to learn more about the MCT program, please visit Microsoft Learning’s MCT page for more information. If you are an MCT and would like to present or attend the summit, please visit the MCT Summit website for more information.