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Microsoft MVP, MCT, and Author

Heather is the co-founder of AHA Learning Solutions, LLC, which provides high-quality educational and professional development materials (e.g. books, videos, training, reviews, designs, assessments, and systems) to educational institutions and businesses nationally.

Video Training

She has published video training through a variety of private business and subscription companies, including ClipTraining, Pluralsight, Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning.

To view a complete list of Pluralsight courses, please visit her author page on Pluralsight.

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Below you will find a list of select publications. Click the links to view or purchase the publications.

Conversational Office 2016
published by Conversational Geek

Conversational Office 2016 Book by Heather AckmannMicrosoft Office has gone through quite a few changes over the last few years since Office 365 intruded upon what was once a very simple suite of applications. Now, “Microsoft Office” is a confusing term often applied to any number of applications and online services, both free and via paid subscription.

This book was written to help bring a little bit more clarity to Office 2016 and Office 365, as well as discuss some important upcoming changes to our beloved set of applications–all in a fun, honest, and conversational way.

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