Redefining PowerPoint in the College Classroom

Redefining PowerPoint in the College Classroom by Alan AckmannI am so very proud to announce a new addition to the and LinkedIn Learning library, “Redefining PowerPoint in the College Classroom,” created by my husband Alan Ackmann.

For those of you who don’t know, Alan is a professor in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse department at DePaul University in Chicago. And just like me, he is fascinated with how people use PowerPoint to communicate. In fact, we’ve been studying it together for well over a decade. There have been many wild and crazy late night conversations, debates, explorations, and study sessions all surrounding this subject over the course of our marriage. Sometimes we trade notes, books, journal articles, passing them back and forth to each other while in laying in bed (and who says romance in dead?).

So, over the course of my career as a PowerPoint trainer and designer, as I have been learning and teaching, so has Alan. He’s just been doing his thing in academic circles, teaching at the university level and speaking at academic conferences. This course marks his public debut. So, congratulations, Alan!

If you’d like to watch his course, head on over to or LinkedIn Learning and watch it now!