Matching Color in PowerPoint to Objects Outside of PowerPoint

I think I am writing this article more for myself than for anyone else because somehow I always forget how easy it is to select colors outside of PowerPoint using the eyedropper tool (aka the ‘color picker’). For some reason, I just think it should be harder than it is. But it’s really quite easy.

In PowerPoint, to select or pick up a color outside of PowerPoint:

  1. Make sure the object you wish to color is selected. Remember the rule, “If you want to affect it, you must select it!”

In this example, I have selected a blue square.
Select blue square

  1. Next, go up to the formatting property you wish to change on the Format tab, such as “Shape Fill,” or “Shape Outline.” In this example, I will choose “Shape Fill.”
  2. In the Format Property menu, select the eyedropper tool.

select eyedropper

That will turn your cursor into a little eyedropper.

  1. With the eyedropper tool activated, click and hold down your mouse button and drag your mouse outside of PowerPoint to the area or window that contains the color you wish to pick up.

  1. To apply your desired color, release your mouse when you see a preview of the color you desire appear next to your eyedropper.