SkyDrive for Windows App

I’ve been using SkyDrive on and off since it was first release by Microsoft; however, I was never really all that excited about the service–that is, until Microsoft launched the SkyDrive for Windows App, a Windows application that places a SkyDrive folder in the Windows Explorer allowing users to simply click and drag files and folders to this location to sync with SkyDrive automatically.

But best of all, this application allows for easy access to your computer remotely. Very similar to Windows Live Mesh and to Remote Desktop, from your SkyDrive online account you can access anything on your home or work computer with just a few clicks of a button. You’ll have to pass a few security tests, but it is pretty cool and easy to use.

The SkyDrive for Windows app is really easy to install. I’m fairly certain my mother could do it without any help (well, maybe just a little help). But if you need help installing or figuring out how to use this application, you can watch this short video: