Conquering the IT Cover Letter

UPDATE: Found buried deep in the Pluralsight training archive YouTube Channel was the recording webinar. The quality is a little lacking as webinar recording software back then wasn’t as good as it is now.

Update: Pluralsight acquired TrainSignal and all of its content, including the below mentioned webinar and downloadable. We had hoped they would keep this content link live, or redirect it, but they have chosen not to.

My husband has, however, created a rather fantastic course for Pluralsight titled “Resumes, Research, and Writing on the Job Hunt.” You may view the course topics here:

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Back in January, Alan Ackmann (yes, my husband) and I gave a webinar for the TrainSignal blog on The Top 10 Resume Tips for IT Pros. Following that same theme, we were asked to deliver a similar webinar, this time focused on cover letters for IT Professionals. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording of that webinar at TrainSignal’s blog:


The Ultimate IT Resume Guide from TrainSignal

And if you do not wish to watch the entire webinar, Alan Ackmann compiled a lot of that advice for TrainSignal’s “Ultimate IT Resume Guide” which can be downloaded here: