TrainSignal’s Outlook 2010 Training

Microsoft Outlook 2010 ImageDesigning this course was perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had designing a course mainly because I had the opportunity to collaborate with a very talented colleague of mine, Bill Kulterman. I’ve worked and collaborated with people before, but I’ve never really meshed with anyone as well as I did with Bill. We work remarkably well together! It was truly a collaborative effort, and I think it shows in the training.

This course is designed entirely for end-users and demonstrates how powerful Outlook 2010 can be when combined with Exchange 2010. There are 35 lessons divided into 10 sections:

Section 1: Getting Started with Outlook 2010
Section 2: Working with Email Messages
Section 3: Subscribing and Maintaining RSS Feeds in Outlook 2010
Section 4: Techniques for Dealing with Large Amounts of Email
Section 5: Working with Contacts
Section 6: Getting Organized with Outlook Calendars
Section 7: Maintaining a To-Do List with Outlook Tasks
Section 8: Locating and Archiving Important Outlook Items
Section 9: Keeping Track of Your Day with Outlook 2010 Journals
Section 10: Next Steps