PowerPoint 2016: Animation in Depth

Late last night I learned that my course for Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning finally went live! The course is called PowerPoint 2016: Animation in Depth, and I have been dying to create this course for many, many years!

For those that know me, I love to animate stuff in PowerPoint–more than I probably should really. And granted, Microsoft has recently released some awesome new features that make animation much easier (faster) to do. The problem is many of the features are still not available to most PowerPoint 2016 users–you have to be an Office 365 subscriber to get these brand new updates and features.

That is where this course comes in. This course teaches you, or at least introduces you, to some of the long-time tested tricks of the trade–at least in the PowerPoint community. And although this course won’t teach you everything, this course will get you in the mindset for how you need to think of animation and transitions, of layers, of objects, of timing, and how all these factors work together in a presentation to make an animation work.

Website Lynda.com PowerPoint 2016 Animation in DepthTo view the PowerPoint 2016: Animation in Depth course outline, please visit Lynda.com.