Windows Live Photo Gallery Photo Fuse Tool

Above you’ll find one of my favorite clips ever created at TrainSignal, and it’s one of my favorites mainly because I got to collaborate with a colleague of mine, Bill Kulterman.

For this clip, Bill and I sat down to pick apart the Microsoft “To the Cloud” commercial where the mom tries to achieve that perfect family photo. Ultimately, we wanted to determine 1) if it’s possible using ordinary group photos; and 2) how easy it really is using free tools in Windows Live Photo Gallery. And to our surprise, it was not only possible, but it was easy–that is if your group photos were taken with a tri-pod and very little besides facial expressions change.

If you’d like step-by-step written instructions for how to swap heads using Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011’s Photo Fuse tool, Bill and I co-authored an article on TrainSignalTraining describing how to do just that.