The Great Big List of People Who Write and Talk about PowerPoint

Please note: this list is a work in progress. I will be adding to this list as time goes on, trying to add names from both the business and academic community. Inclusion on this list does not mean I am recommending the person, company, institution, book, or product (though I do recommend many on this list). This list is just an attempt at an inclusive list of people and companies dedicated to the practice, the use, the abuse, and the art of PowerPoint. If you feel a name should appear in this list who does not, please DM me on Twitter. Thank you!

Authors (Books)

Notable Critics to PowerPoint (Who We Can’t and Shouldn’t Ignore)

YouTubers (PowerPoint video tutorials and demos)

PowerPoint Conferences

Non-Profit Organizations (who support those who make PowerPoint presentations)

No-ad Websites and Blogs

(yep, these guys spend a lot of time and money on hosting, aren’t paid, and provide this service–all for PowerPoint!)

Podcasts and Webinars


The PowerPoint MVPs

This list is subject to change, as the Microsoft MVP award is an annual award and each individual is re-awarded based on their community contributions in their award category in each given year.

For-Profit Professionals, Consultants, Bloggers, and Businesses

Microsoft Links and Employees Who Talk about PowerPoint