New Book: Conversational Office 2016

Yep, I wrote a book, a mini-book actually, all about Office 2016. This book, and one of the reasons I am most proud of it, clears up any confusion about the differences between purchasing Office 2016 and one of the Office 365 subscriptions plans to obtain Office 2016. Yes, there IS a difference now, a big one, that with time will only get bigger and more inconvenient to novice users.

romeo and juliet.1This book is designed to be a quick and enjoyable read. You’ll find cartoons, tips, and humorous asides and opinions that are pure me. In short, this is NOT your typical training book filled with click here click there instructions. This book explores the world of Office 2016, the company the sells it, and the people who buy and use it. I truly believe that Office 2016 is the most exciting version of Office to be released in a while, and not for any single new feature or set of features but for what this version of applications represents. We are at the tipping point for some major changes in how we as end-users consume, interact, utilize, train, learn, and extend our productivity applications.

Now, if you have no idea what I am talking about, then this book is for you. This book lays a solid foundation for understanding what’s to come in the future of Office and helps people looking to upgrade make informed decisions about what to purchase and where to go for help. Read Conversational Office 2016 now, written by yours truly, Heather Ackmann.

Conversational Office 2016 is completely free to download here.