End-user Communications for Better IT

This video training course is a tab bit different from the video courses I usually create. Instead of showing you how to use software, or how to make your documents or slides more beautiful, I show you how to better deliver a unified message to a very specific audience, an audience that I’ve worked with for a number of years as a IT and end-user trainer. Basically, this course helps IT workers better communicate with their end-users, two audiences that I’ve been working as the go-between for a number of years.

Course Description

Every day on the job you interact with people who do not share your background knowledge and opinions. Therefore, communicating a single message consistently to a diverse groups of end-users is critically important, as is developing a coherent strategy for delivering that message through a multi-tiered, end-user communication campaign.

In this course, End-user Communications for Better IT, you’ll learn how to accomplish this across a variety of mediums, be it in print, in-person presentations, or in pre-recorded videos. First, you’ll discover how to build a communication strategy. Next, you’ll learn how that communication strategy encompasses a variety of persuasive, emotional, as well as informative and instructive appeals to get the job done. Finally, you’ll explore how to accomplish this across a variety of mediums. After watching this course, you’ll be able to effectively keep end-users up-to-speed on the latest IT implementations.

How to Buy/View

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Course Preview End-user Communication for Better IT from Pluralsight by Heather Ackmann

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